life unplugged: tips for blogging without wifi

Blogging without wifi has…been quite interesting. I say this as I currently write and brainstorm blog post ideas in a Word document.

Writing and creating content for an online audience “unplugged” is the definition of a conundrum. An impossibility to maintain. A venture not worth the extra effort.

I beg to differ. Blogging and being here for you (yes, you!), my fam-damily of subscribers and followers, is important to me. It’s an outlet where I can express myself and feel like my random musings can make an impact on others. Words have power, especially if they’re available for others to read.

Interested in blogging but don’t have the privilege of 24/7, unlimited wifi? You aren’t alone. Don’t give up hope. Blogging without wifi will take some creativity and persistence, but if you’re willing to try, please do. I speak from experience today to let you in on all the insider scoop of blogging without wifi.

at some point…have wifi.

I say blogging without wifi is possible, but really, you need some internet source at some point to publish your post.

Survey wherever you’re at for places that offer free wifi. Libraries are amazing, as are any schools if you have a reason to be there. I beg of you, don’t trespass on someone’s property or mooch off others’ wifi without permission. You’re just blogging without wifi, not committing crimes.

Sometimes you might have to buy something in exchange for wifi access. Think coffee shops and restaurants. Depending upon your current habits, I wouldn’t make these places too routine. This is assuming if you don’t have wifi, you don’t have a luxurious budget to play with.

In my case, I’m living abroad for a year, so in my housing, I’m figuring out a reasonable monthly wifi plan to rely upon. The only affordable plans where I’m at (American Samoa) are organized by gigabyte usage in a certain timeframe. True limitless wifi is ridiculously priced.

If a metered connection makes sense in your situation, feel out how much data you’d go through and make your best bet. I have no sense of data amount to content usage. All I know is I’ll not be streaming videos or downloading huge files anytime soon at home.

schedule posts to fit wifi availability.

Blogging without wifi means you’ll need to be very strategic in how and when you’ll write and publish.

I’ve established a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule long before traveling abroad. For now, I want to keep that intact. There are times I struggled to do so, praying someone would write and post for me, but otherwise, I’ve been solid.

This schedule won’t work for everyone. You know yourself best. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, only to backtrack later. Start with a small goal, like publishing once a week. See how that feels. If you can handle more, try it out. But if you can make thoughtful, high-quality posts only one day, that’s a-okay.

The most important thing to keep in mind is consistency and reliability. You don’t have to post every day of the week to attract readers. What does matter is sticking to a clear schedule and delivering content when you say you will. Don’t just spew out pointless words to say you post more often than others. If you’re blogging without wifi, that’s a luxury you cannot afford. When you write, make it count.

get creative.

If you’re blogging without wifi, the only chance you get with wifi might be when you hit “publish.” But there’s a lot of work that goes into blogging before doing so.

Any writing that involves outside information needs wifi time to research and cite sources. Even coming up with blog post ideas often requires some Google searching. Plan before going in as to what you’ll write, what you’ll need to write it, and when you want to accomplish this by. That’ll help you avoid completely scrambling when you have a chance to use wifi.

Think of what kind of blog you have or want to have. Does your specific content area require lots of research? Or is it more of a reflective online diary? Either way, you can make it work, but deciding this will affect your plan of attack and how you might come up with blog post ideas.

Utilize time away from wifi to write. You don’t have to do everything in the browser text box. I’m using Microsoft Word right now, but use whatever you’re comfortable with. Once you’re done, just do a simple copy-and-paste. Plus, you can save your work without fretting over faulty internet connections.

be intentional.

This point is the most important one when it comes to blogging without wifi. You’re going to be putting in extra time and effort to share your words. Make them worth that effort.

You might be tempted to do the bare minimum, or, heaven forbid, start copying and pasting from other articles and blog posts. If you’re just posting to post, my question is, why?

There are innumerable amounts of content published every millisecond. It’s hard to fathom, especially if you’re blogging without wifi, but most of what’s going out into the internet landscape is pointless. It lacks depth. The only intention is looking for attention.

Maybe blogging without wifi sacrifices all the extra bells and whistles you could include in a post. That’s okay. A reader can tell if you’re genuine. Maybe your posts are fewer words and pictures than the next person’s, but this is your outlet. Don’t write without purpose. Quality over quantity is always the way to go.

As for me, maybe my blog will look different than it has this year. Posts might turn into rare commodities with fewer pictures and less social media presence. Whether you stay is your choice, but always know that I’m putting in the same hard work into my words as I did in the States. I’ll never leave this place I’ve created.

Ready to take on the challenge of blogging without wifi? Let me know if you’re in a similar boat as me or have any other advice to add. The more, the merrier.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

Author: Allie

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