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I love supporting good causes to create a better world. I am especially passionate about spreading the positive messages of veganism and helping those in need near and far. If you’re also all about advocacy, holla.

wake up, weight watchers

We’re slacking on the people that need the most support. And these people are Weight Watchers’ newest target market. Teens 13-17 years old have become a focus for the Weight Watchers program. Starting this summer, this age group can get a free membership to start counting calories or points. This what what the company totes …

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a beginner’s take on buying fair trade

There are a plethora of words we tend to throw around when buying more consciously and making a positive impact, one of those being buying fair trade. It seems like it’s fairly straight-forward when making purchases, but is it really? Today I’m here to give you the down-low on everything involving buying fair trade. As with most …

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embodying Martin Luther King’s dream

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day many people have off from work and school, how great is it to sit back and relax into the week? Admittedly, it’s nice. I’m not complaining. As long as we recognize the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and all it stands for in our tumultuous present. …

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save animals, buy leather

Buying vegan leather or meat alternatives isn’t new. In fact, there are options galore available that plant-based folks don’t feel like we’re missing out on much. But that doesn’t mean those firm in their conventional ways are about to change. To many, nothing can beat the taste and feel of authentic products. It’s not an …

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who’s next?: the Weinstein scandal

The news keeps coming. Someone new every day, it seems. It feels like what it would be living in the McCarthy era accusing each other of Communist ties. Countless women are now coming forward to point out a past of sexual misconduct from male coworkers, men that just so happen to be in the public …

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Day 5: Peace Corps #GIG2017

As a Peace Corps campus ambassador, I admittedly have not been the best at being an outspoken advocate. Sitting at tables in crowded common areas isn’t exactly my forte. However, through my new knowledge about the original volunteer-abroad opportunity and the growing number of other organizations promoting similar messages, I want to express my gratitude. …

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Day 2: Clean Water – #GIG2017

We would be nothing without water. Our bodies are composed mainly with water. We drink, bathe, and use water constantly. It’s a basic necessity. Something basic that we probably don’t think too much about on a daily basis beyond getting those eight glasses each day for optimal health. Except for far too many people in …

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