Finding My Happy

Mental health is a very important aspect of my life. Chronic mental illness is an influence every day. Besides sharing my experiences and thoughts on all things mental health, I am also writing a book using these posts also called Finding My Happy. More news on that to come.

true comfort food: pie therapy

When it comes to therapy, we have quite a selection to choose from, whether it be in a professional or low-key setting. Some people enjoy a classic sit-down with a counselor to spill their guts. Some are into creating art or working out as a form of release. But here’s an option I hadn’t heard …

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is mental illness a crutch?

When you struggle with a mental illness, there inevitably comes a time when you ask yourself, “Am I using my mental illness as a crutch? Am I relying too heavily upon my diagnosis?” They’re valid questions. Upon realizing your emotions and thoughts are valid, your lack of or excess energy isn’t just a figment of …

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virtual assistance: apps for better mental health

“Those crazy millennials, always glued to their smart phones and computers! Always needing wifi! Not appreciating talking to people in actual conversations! Where did we go wrong?” Ah, have to love the sound of older generations’ critiques of how young people are choosing to live and take care of themselves. As if we are completely inadequate when …

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the drop off: fluctuating student health

I must say, not having the constant stress of some sort of assignment due and group project to coordinate and everything else pressing upon my shoulders. Especially as many people face or have just finished a week of final tests and papers, it feels like you’re breathing, actually taking in a lungful of air, for …

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season of SAD

‘Tis the season to be jolly…for most of us. For others, this time of year can bring about debilitating emotions that are not so merry and bright. How frustrating to feel the holiday season immerse the world in dazzling lights, in hopeful messages, in catchy melodies, in warm fires and beverages shared with loved ones…but …

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Fear Setting

  Seems like a backwards concept, right? Why would we want to amplify our anxieties when we could focus on our goals, our successes? Tim Ferriss speaks of the value of better understanding our lowpoints in his TED Talk. As he lives with bipolar depression and has found himself many times on the edge of …

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The Occasional Slacker

98% of the time, I’m the kind of person working way ahead of schedule. I’m completing tasks I don’t actually need to finish for a few weeks, but I just feel compelled to do them anyway. I’ve always been that type of person, always on the ball, always trying to make my time productive. Except, …

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