Green and Groovy

Going green and being a positive influence on the environment and world is so important. Sustainability is a huge passion of mine, so I guess my goal in life is to be both more green and groovy.

beyond veganuary: staying vegan for life

Starting off the new year, you’re on a high of fresh opportunities and motivation. This makes January the perfect time to start a new lifestyle like veganism, especially when so many others are doing the same as they participate in the annual Veganuary. But once January turns into February…what then? Are you still as motivated …

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a beginner’s take on buying fair trade

There are a plethora of words we tend to throw around when buying more consciously and making a positive impact, one of those being buying fair trade. It seems like it’s fairly straight-forward when making purchases, but is it really? Today I’m here to give you the down-low on everything involving buying fair trade. As with most …

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5 easy eco-friendly swaps

Becoming more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly sounds like a great idea, but is it too difficult to completely revamp our current lifestyles to fit the bill? Contrary to how we might perceive this transition, it can be quite easy to be eco-friendly. Like any change, nobody says you have to go completely waste-free overnight. Nobody is grading …

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save animals, buy leather

Buying vegan leather or meat alternatives isn’t new. In fact, there are options galore available that plant-based folks don’t feel like we’re missing out on much. But that doesn’t mean those firm in their conventional ways are about to change. To many, nothing can beat the taste and feel of authentic products. It’s not an …

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seeing the extremes in weather

Regardless of where you live, chances are the weather has been anything but the norm. Dangerous wildfires in California. Inches of snow in the Deep South. One extreme to the next. And who knows what might be coming. Plenty of people are probably giddy that temperatures have been abnormal for this time of year, generally …

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Day 11: Sustainable Farming #GIG2017

What a narrow subject for today’s time of gratitude. I myself am not overly knowledgeable about the inner workings of what makes agriculture sustainable. I am, however, grateful for the growing number of options widely accessible to choose more consciously smart options when grocery shopping, and the greater awareness we have about our habits and …

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Heart Against Palm

You eat a healthy diet. You pay attention to what ingredients are in packaged products. But do you know where some of this ingredients come from? Even those that, on the surface, don’t look too harmful? Maybe an ingredient isn’t too bad for your personal health, but to the health of the planet and every …

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