Ground in Gratitude

Every November I reflect upon all the blessings present in my life. All posts are here are ground in gratitude and full of thankfulness.

Day 19: Early Mornings #GIG2017

Yesterday was about the early nights going to bed? Today is all about the early mornings to rise. Now trust me, I still don’t consider myself a morning person. It’s still often difficult for me to get out of bed, whether that be from exhaustion or just a lack of motivation to do anything and …

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Day 18: Sleep #GIG2017

We’ve heard it enough times in our lives that you’d think it would be a no-brainer to always go to bed early or at least get the recommended hours of sleep each night. Except it’s not that easy for many of us. I know I’m not alone when I admit struggling to fall and stay …

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Day 17: Tea #GIG2017

Never did I think I’d be making this post. But here I am, eating (or sipping) my words. Tea is like many other things that I have come across and for one reason or another immediately discounted and wrote off as something I flat-out didn’t like and would never like. Until I try it at …

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Day 16: Disappointment #GIG2017

In the past week, I’ve gone through quite an extensive spectrum of emotions. And, appropriately, they were associated with what felt like disappointment. In myself, in others. So on top of every other task set out before me to finish out the semester, I had also been preparing to take the German language CLEP test. …

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Day 15: Simplicity #GIG2017

That time of year again. One that probably actually started last night because it’s so hard to wait a few hours. As you can see, I’m not shying away from being critical. With it being Black Friday, this is my golden opportunity to remind everyone, in case you actually forgot, that I’m not about this hustle and …

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Day 14: Thanksgiving #GIG2017

As per request, a little tune to get us on the right foot today. Let’s face it. I kind of look over this day. Brush it aside. And I know plenty of others do, too. Heck, I don’t even eat the turkey (and neither should you, but that’s for another time). Thanksgiving is a holiday …

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Day 13: Breath #GIG2017

Inhale…and exhale. Were you holding in your breath a little before actually reminding yourself to stay alive in tbe most basic way possible? Yeah, me, too. It’s that time of year where I always feel like my chest is constricted and I can only swallow shallow bits of oxygen to break up my speeding thoughts …

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