Health is Wealth

As much as I focus on mental health, your health is a multi-faceted and is more than just one aspect. Health is wealth, truly, so here I focus on the physical and social aspects of well-being.

the danger of pinterest health scams

Scroll through your Pinterest feed, and chances are you’ll stumble upon a post claiming to have a secret drink or diet to help solve all your health woes. Or, more simply put, Pinterest health scams. Just take these two ingredients every morning and your stomach will always be flat! Drink this concoction before going to …

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connective craze: is collagen healthy for you?

Based on the scoop I’ve learned about the latest supplement trend, I won’t be scooping into a tub of Vital Proteins any time soon. Across social media, people are toting the benefits of collagen powders and products. Instagram models share their morning smoothies and bulletproof coffees, proudly advertising for health brands coming out with new …

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get in my belly: pre and probiotics

If we’re talking about physical health, we cannot forget our gut instinct, and that requires pre and probiotics. Our digestive health is the center of all other bodily functions. Not only are we dependent upon digesting the food we eat, but our gut is also deeply connected with our mental health, immune system and more. …

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pearly whites without fluoride

I have a confession to make: as often as I discuss adopting healthy practices and taking care of yourself, some things I let slide…like going to the dentist twice a year. I only go once, that’s fine enough. I’ve been lucky enough to not have any major issues with my teeth. Knock on wood I …

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being okay not being okay

In a world that’s constantly about getting up and going, being productive and accomplishing everything you can in each twenty-four hour span, not feeling okay just plain sucks. It makes you feel even more defeated than you already do, beating yourself up for not feeling physically and/or mentally inadequate. As I often do, I found …

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what are chronic illness ‘spoons’?

Whether you face mental illness, chronic pain, an autoimmune disorder, or any other chronic disease, it can be hard to explain how you’re feeling at each given moment. Every day can bring about it’s own set of challenges, and how we capable we are of approaching them varies. So where do spoons come in? We …

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does DNA testing determine wellness?

The moment I opened my own Ancestry DNA box and went about the DNA testing process, commercial after commercial advertised the latest at-home kits that reveal your heritage and more. Not only does DNA testing help us learn more about our family trees, but now they also tell us about our health. From listing to …

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