My chronic mental illnesses also include struggling with an eating disorder for the majority of my life. I am always in a state of recovery and learning as I go.

detox from dieting culture

Without fail, the most common resolution to make January 1 is “getting healthier.” Which, for most people, means diving into the vast ocean of dieting culture and hopping aboard a new meal plan, program, or gym membership. January has morphed into a repeating cycle of weight-loss advertisements. Even when you turn away from the media …

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to you, from ED: Christmas with an eating disorder

I’m a Christmas junkie. I still relish this time of year even if it has some downsides thrown in. This time of year just isn’t easy for a lot of us. There are so many added pressures and worries that make their way into the hubbub. The holidays bring about new expectations and doubts running …

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experiencing grief in eating disorder recovery

When hearing the word “grief,” we automatically think of the cliche five stages of emotions in a neat little line, all arising when a loved one dies. Well, think again. In my studies in grieving, which already remains abstract when we all interpret and experience grief differently, I’ve found myself resonating with the topic much …

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More Fiber?

In my latest pursuit of finding what works best for me alleviating my digestive woes, my digestive health doctor suggested to me what I did not want to hear….”Eat more fiber.” You wouldn’t think something as simple as fiber would fire me up, but it does. First off, my first doctor I admitted to struggling with my …

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Not Pretty

Most of the time, we’re viewing our world through a filter, however that might look.  Reality might deter drastically from that filter. We choose to see what we want and expect. We know suffering is inevitable in life, but even then, it’s easy to acknowledge that and just keep moving along. But perhaps there’s even …

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Numbers Game

I promised last week to have a health update from my last doctor’s appointment, but since I’m giving my body time to adjust itself and see what happens, I’d like to touch on my experience at the doctor itself. Or, even more specifically, I’d like to revisit an old frenemy that put a sour note …

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Bloated Idea

In this new stage of health, a change is of course something new to adapt to. My IBS symptoms have stayed pretty consistent with what I expected and fall in line with the typical signs. While it’s nice to know there’s a reason why this is happening, it doesn’t make the effects any less annoying. …

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