Speaking Spiritual

I consider myself a very spiritual person, and faith plays an important role in my life. I love speaking spiritual and discussing what I believe and how to see each day beyond the physical circumstances presented to us.

da rule book: understanding Exodus

When reading through the Bible, sometimes we go against our better judgement and skim some passages. Until skimming turns into mindless skipping of entire chapters. I found myself doing this when reading the Book of Exodus. Since the origins of the Ten Commandments come from this second biblical text, I wanted to gain as much …

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faith from hardship: the Book of Job

No matter how different our individual lives seem to take their own course, we universally face some form of hardship. Slice it however you’d like, nobody is immune to life’s funny (and often frustrating) ways of throwing us for a loop. That’s why the book of Job seems so relatable. Even if we’re diligent in …

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experiencing grief in eating disorder recovery

When hearing the word “grief,” we automatically think of the cliche five stages of emotions in a neat little line, all arising when a loved one dies. Well, think again. In my studies in grieving, which already remains abstract when we all interpret and experience grief differently, I’ve found myself resonating with the topic much …

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Genuine Prayers Online

  We’ve seen it for every mass tragedy that has hit the headlines. We see it when local tragedies occur, Facebook friends or Twitter followers going through a hard time. The depth I and many others place in these words can be very profound. It can convey our empathy for others and our desire to …

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Free Bibles!

  The ring of the doorbell. The two people standing outside the university commons with boxes of little books beside their feet. The white-shirt and black-tie-clad men walking down the street, official name tags bouncing a rectangle of sunlight off their chests. Maybe you despise these people with a fiery passion. Maybe you accept their …

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What's in Your Hand?

Been a while since I’ve dabbled into TED Talks, but I’m back at it. At least for today. This particular talk came from Rick Warren, a well-known pastor but still seems very down-to-earth and mellow which makes him very approachable, especially to someone who steers clear of any preachers who full-out preach in all of …

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I Wanna Go Back

Time for some spirituality! Some of my favorite time. Time that we in our fast-paced society don’t get enough of. I will be the first to tell you that I’m not a listener of any Christian music. I’m not one to crank on a Christian radio station and be into it. For some reason, it …

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