Story Time

Since this my personal website, I still have days when I just want to discuss my life and things currently affecting me. So hunker down for story time.

accept being single on Valentine’s Day

Every year, we come upon this day and fall into two categories: loving or hating Valentine’s Day. More often than not, our opinion is based on our relationship status. Those who find themselves single on Valentine’s Day end up bashing the holiday’s Hallmark way of making us feel inadequate without a partner. Obviously, I fall …

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receiving recognition: the liebster award

Today’s post is particularly exciting because I didn’t expect to be writing it. Since becoming more serious about my blogging ventures, I’ve added myself into several different Facebook groups and apps to get my name out there and find others doing the same. It’s really great that, unlike more structured and traditional forms of media …

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how to live with any roommate

As I reflect upon my three years at college living in a variety of situations, one thing I’ve certainly learned is what constitutes a good and bad roommate. Going into your freshman year, you probably think of the amazing relationship you’ll form with a randomly selected person. With a newly found freedom away from home, …

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how i plan on the path

Ever since third grade, I’ve had some sort of agenda at hand for writing down school assignments each day. Only recently then have I stumbled upon the hype surrounding all-things planning, buying the fanciest Life Planners and all the scrapbook-type accessories. Sorry, but I’m not one to turn my organization into an art project. If …

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accepting defeat: when goal-setting doesn’t work

As I was looking through my papers that I’ve accumulated over the past few years and skimming this year’s planner, I stumbled upon a list of goals I made this August looking ahead at this semester I just finished. Oh, man. I was glad about simply surviving the semester and walking out on both feet. …

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you’ve got mail: Christmas cards and thoughtful acts

My family every year still writes and sends out Christmas cards to friends and family. The whole Shutterfly-type photo collage and a highlight reel of the past year. Turns out, we’re few and far between for those who actually send these out anymore. It costs money, yes, and I guess there’s texting and email to …

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another one down: college senior reflections

So pumped to say that today I’m going home for the winter break and am DONE with this fall semester! Let me tell you, what a whirlwind it has been. One I wasn’t expecting. But now as I look back at how quickly it has flown by, I can say I’m grateful that it happened…but …

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