I Wanna Go Back

Time for some spirituality! Some of my favorite time. Time that we in our fast-paced society don’t get enough of.

I will be the first to tell you that I’m not a listener of any Christian music. I’m not one to crank on a Christian radio station and be into it. For some reason, it just feels kind of gimmicky, like they’re trying to hip and call in a young crowd to have faith. If that’s your jam, you do you.

However, there is one song that I have actually found to be…not bad. I’ve never doubted the messages behind these pop and country Christian songs, but the delivery of that message is improved with music that is easier on the ears of a very picky music listener.

Here’s the link for you all to listen for yourself.

See, not so bad, and I feel like it’s not necessarily in-your-face, you should be Christian-type of song, which is nice. I am the last person who wants to shove beliefs down your throats. And while yes, this is definitely skewed toward the people that believe in the man upstairs, it could still be applied to anybody’s lives.

As we grow up, whether just going to college or far beyond there, life becomes very fast-paced. It changes into day after day reliant on a packed schedule, always having the next thing to think about, the next responsibility you have to worry about. It’s just hectic, and it never feels like it ever really slows down.

And when we do get the rare opportunity to just breathe, it feels far too short, a passing moment before the next activity rolls around. The second we feel like we’re ahead or in a great spot, one thing or another tends to rain on that parade.

So I think we can all agree that going back to childhood and leading a simpler life would be a dream come true. Where your worries were learning how to ride a bike or waiting for the rain to leave to play outside. When we felt like we had all the time in the world to appreciate every passing season, be in awe of every new discovery, and have a curious mindset that sees the best in everything.

Our worldviews in general are so much smaller, our so-called “problems” so much simpler. If only the world didn’t seem so dreary, noisy and chaotic. If only life wasn’t so complicated and painful.

But the crazy part of that is, we can go back. Not necessarily with some Harry Potter Timeturner, but in regaining that sense of childhood wonder while acknowledging our maturity and knowledge. It is our choice to grow up and completely phase out of any childish games. Or we can use it to our advantage, to bring joy into our lives where it might not seem evident. To make that time we so desperately need to rest or just play.

From the Christian viewpoint, as this song generally derives itself from, it focuses upon that original feeling of learning about God and Jesus. How amazed we are as children to learn of those Bible stories and how wonderful God and Jesus are. How much energy and passion we bring to these ideas and teachings, an excitement to sing every song and learn as much as possible.

When we add in all of those adult-related responsibilities and worries, that excitement seems to dwindle. Feeling spiritual takes a backseat. We don’t go to church so we can finish a certain project, or we take time to read and study the Bible to worry about everything that is piled and probably overflowing on our plates. We put our spiritual health on the back burner and deprioritize it.

Hearing this song’s message is generally a good reminder to reflect on those moments where we did seem to have the time to focus on God and we were so passionate about doing it knowing everything that He has done for us. The realities of society harden us, but it can never take away that essence of soul and humanity we all possess. We are all capable of tapping into that core and reviving it in all we do.

So smile as you walk by people. Be joyous and make time for your friends and family. Follow that ambition that has you thinking along the childhood lines of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” When the news tells of every single bad thing happening in the world, find an optimistic outlook. If you are spiritual, specifically designate time to practice that. Just have more fun in general.

We don’t have to go back. We don’t have to sit and long for years long gone. We can manifest those desires into the way we perceive the world. We can reflect and learn from that version of ourselves, and instead go forward.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

Author: Allie

A flower child passionate about faith, social justice, and love.

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