start September strong with these tips

Believe what you may, but the beginning of a new month feels like a fresh start. Even in the middle of a mundane routine, the calendar offers the opportunity to tear off a page and start September strong.

September—and the start of the autumn season—are upon us. Even if you live where the seasons don’t change, you’ll still see the telltale signs. From the first day of school, to Halloween and holidays to come, the world is ready for a change, so why not join them and start September strong?

You too can make like a tree and turn over a new leaf. Moving forward with a mission, whatever that may be, by utilizing today’s tips to start September strong. These steps can easily apply to any time, so don’t feel limited by the title! It’s all about establishing the right mindset and putting forth the effort.

set your intentions.

The whole “goal-setting” and “new resolutions” games can feel old and tired. Instead, start September strong by putting your mind toward what matters right now.

A huge discrepancy I see in setting genuine goals is dreaded comparison. We put our intentions toward others’ accomplishments. If they did it, so can we…but then, we might overlook how this can realistically apply to our own situations. We might even make a goal and proclaim it to the world just for the image and self-esteem boost. Again, that’s no way to start September strong.

Take time for some serious self-reflection. Every day is an opportunity for change. Ask yourself, how can I grow in the right direction? What change do I want for myself? From there, take notes from the SMART acronym (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive) to make that intention impactful.

For me, I’m stepping into a very new role as a fifth-grade teacher in American Samoa. I look forward to what will transpire over the school year, but these first few days before school starts have been beyond stressful. You’re trying to nail down every little detail and write a curriculum that might not even apply to these students. My thoughts are everywhere at once.

This is where some intentions come in. I can only do so much as a new teacher living abroad. It’s not exactly “SMART,” but my single vague intention for the school year is to do right by my students. That’s all I can hope for to start September strong. Having this thought always in the back of my mind reaffirms my purpose and grounds me when it all turns into chaos.

plan on it.

Simply put, get organized. Start fresh with a clean space, a clean slate to make things happen and start September strong.

With your goals and intentions, do the groundwork required to follow through with them. Write those things down. List some clear, realistic steps to ensure you’re working toward your intentions every day. Surround yourself with affirmations that keep you on track and in the right headspace.

It’s your choice whether you share these intentions with others. You know yourself best. I suggest reaching out to loved ones for any support and advice throughout the month and season. Also, consider perusing social media, not to compare and obsess, but to find others with similar intentions to hold one another accountable. Encourage each other. Inspire others to join and improve themselves, too.

I would be nowhere in my own intention without the support of my loved ones, especially my family. My mom has worked in education for years, so to hear her and everyone’s wisdom works to quiet some of the doubts and keep working and planning. It takes a whole village raise one classroom…

This is all about laying down a foundation for you to treat yourself well and start September strong. It’s one thing to have an intention in mind; it’s another, more time-consuming thing to prepare accordingly. Ask yourself, “What’s motivating me to set this intention?” Use your answer to plan and carry onward into the next tip.

make an effort.

Here I go again, stuck on how important internal motivation and drive are. These are what will actually evoke change and growth. Say the right words and make them look organized, but to start September strong, you need to put in the work. This sentiment goes for every single day you walk on this earth.

Don’t think I’m neglecting personal circumstances or forgoing the realities of mental illness and other woes. Adapt these tips to yourself. Again, be realistic, not social-media perfect. Whatever that means.

There’s a reason you have an intention or two on your mind. They aren’t random; they can serve a purpose for you. Don’t just sit idly or stare at an image of their fruition to “manifest their reality.” Say you want to do something and do it.

Yes, it sounds ridiculously easy and straight-forward, but we tend to complicate everything. We make priorities, we go through the daily motions, and by the end of the day, we’re too tired to look past it. Call it a societal critique, but each of us are that society. You do you.

Heaven knows how many hours I’ve already spent working on my bare-bones classroom, researching activities and lesson plans, and getting crafty with some homemade décor. Even in these past few days, there have been countless moments where I sit down, a million thoughts swirling by, and I feel paralyzed. Hello, SMART: time to take it just one step at a time.

I’m still learning to give myself grace in this process. On the first day, I know my room and plans won’t be perfect. I’ll still have plenty of more work to do. The first week might be a hoopla of introductory activities. Nevertheless, I’ll persist. My intention and accompanying motivation still stand. They don’t become irrelevant if I make mistake or twenty.

Start September strong, sure, but start every day strong. You’re capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. You have immense potential to push your personal bar and step outside your comfort zone.

What’s been on the back of your mind you’ve put on hold with insecurities and doubts? Bring that to the forefront because you can make it possible. Put in the time and effort, and you’ll soon find that nothing is out of reach. The truest act of gratitude you can do is make the most of every morning your eyes open to write another chapter to your story.

How do you plan to start September strong? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

Author: Allie

A flower child passionate about faith, social justice, and love.

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