what’s on my summer bucket list?

The sweet freedom of summer. Some people see days at the beach, late nights cruising around the town with the windows pulled down… and others see a long few months with nothing to do except sweat. You might have guessed, but I fall into that latter category.

I’m not a huge summer person. I would be perfectly fine to only have a few weeks or about a month of break and then get back to a regular structured routine. I find myself too easily lazing away each day and wallowing in boredom, only to feel guilty about it later. Maybe my mixed feelings toward this season won’t change, but my attitude and how I utilize this time can.

Herein lies my summer bucket list. While these goals are not ones set in stone with strict deadlines, they are suggestions for myself to nudge out of my comfort zone and make the most of this time. Every day is a gift and a new opportunity. By putting out these intentions, hopefully I can keep myself accountable turn summer into an untapped chance for growth.

Say YES more often.

I’m notorious for being that one person who is awful at replying to text messages. The one who keeps up a conversation only to randomly drop off the face of the earth. The one who likes the idea of going out and socializing and seeing others, but the day comes for things to happen, and I bail and make excuses to avoid stepping outside my comfort zone and potentially face new anxieties.

It’s a nasty habit, one I’m well aware of but, during the school year, I let subside as I focus on all the work I need to accomplish. Now that the weight of academics are off my shoulders, I can fully address the problem and get out of my routine, my bubble of safety I’ve created.

This summer, I want to say, “yes” more often. When someone invites me somewhere, I want to stop myself before I spiral into the thought patterns of worry and doubt. I want to make some memories

Get my fit on.

When the weather starts to warm up, I always have greater motivation to move my body, get outside and get some regular exercise. I don’t want to be that person, but I do genuinely enjoy working out. Not going into a gym and lifting weights, but walking, yoga, and SURPRISINGLY running. I’m shocked, too.

The dilemma I often face in embracing exercise and focusing on my physical health is how my eating disorder brain comes into play. For so long, I had obsessive and compulsive tendencies with exercise, forcing myself to move because otherwise, I’d beat myself up, tell myself I’d get fat overnight, and risk leaving extra calories unburned. What should be a means of stress relief and self-care too easily becomes an obsessive activity defined by numbers.

My summer bucket list goal is to enjoy getting my blood pumping and mend the strained relationship I have with exercise. I know it won’t be an easy task, but I need to do it for myself. It’s something that could easily impact my entire life and how I take care of the body I’ve been given. I want to feel free from the chains I’ve built up, and I have to start somewhere.

Plus, as a side note, at the end of July I’ll be going to live in an island nation for a year…and I don’t know how to swim. Again, a lot of this stems from my eating disorder because it terrifies me to wear a bathing suit, but I should probably learn how to swim adequately enough in case I need it.

Make an impact and help others.

I honestly will need to make money somehow, but my interest lies more heavily on volunteering. Again, during the school year I rarely have the opportunity to get myself out of my routine and help others in need, but summer exposes me to a very wide gap of time where I should definitely reach out to my community, near and far.

I’m currently on the hunt for what is calling to me, where to devote my time and serve others, but wherever I may end up, I want to leave it better than how I found it. I almost feel selfish for all the summers I’ve spent complaining of boredom when that precious time and energy could’ve gone toward something greater than myself, but ’tis life. There’s no better time to start spreading some love than right now.

Work on my blog/content.

That’s right, this bucket list item is devoted to YOU reading this. Now that my mind isn’t completely occupied by schoolwork, I want to spend time making my website and all I do better. I’m grateful for where I’ve already come and the people I’ve already touched, but there’s always room for growth.

I would love to improve my content by trying my hand at some photography, a skill I have yet to really tap into but definitely should, and maybe expand to another avenue for my content. I’m already deep into blogging (of course) and my Instagram, but maybe a YouTube channel? That’s still up in the air.

I’m also interested in releasing some downloadable content. An e-book, perhaps? Might as well put it out there and see how I might manifest it into reality, but it’d be great to get working on a bigger project to share with you all and hopefully pick up some more of you along the way.

While I’m starting the summer with this bucket list, I’m open to changes and seeing wherever life takes me. A lot can change in a few months. I’m excited to see where I might be looking back at these intentions.

What would you put down on your summer bucket list this year?

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

Author: Allie

A flower child passionate about faith, social justice, and love.

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