look up: balance presence online and offline

I’m beginning to adopt a bad habit. It’s oneĀ I tend to critique others, especially when I see it in others all around my college campus. […] Read More

seeing the extremes in weather

Regardless of where you live, chances are the weather has been anything but the norm. Dangerous wildfires in California. Inches of snow in the Deep […] Read More

the great outdoors of ecotherapy

Who knew therapy could come from outside the counselor’s office? Or beyond a bottle of pills? It’s hard to believe a doctor could prescribe a […] Read More

Heart Against Palm

You eat a healthy diet. You pay attention to what ingredients are in packaged products. But do you know where some of this ingredients come […] Read More

Autumn Afternoons

Photography is not a pastime I generally partake in, especially when going about my day full of classes and activities. When traveling to new locations, […] Read More

Photogratree: The Final Adventure

For those who have been following this makeshift mini-series on my blog where I pretend to be a photographer, thank you. It’s been really fun […] Read More

Photogratree: Spring Edition

When I first arrived in Quebec, I was immediately taken aback by the landscape surrounding me. As someone so familiar with driving along the highway […] Read More


At the midpoint of this week, I wanted to try something a little different. Unless you remember my very first blog posts, I tend to […] Read More

Day 9: Nature

How could I ever leave out the beauty right outside the door? That would be quite silly of me. I must say, I’m not the […] Read More