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a writer and creator

passionate about wellness and faith.

On, I focus on helping and inspiring others in their personal journeys adopting balanced well-beings. This includes, but isn’t limited to: mental health awareness (specifically relating to my own struggles with depression, anxiety and anorexia), self-care, healthy habits in college/as a student, alternative medicines and healing, essential oils, plant-based living and nutrition, and more.

I also believe faith and spiritual life plays a huge role in treating yourself well. This is why every Friday is Faith Friday on my blog. I share Christian-based devotional content, Bible study, and personal reflection to invite others to grow closer to God and incorporate Him into all they may do.

As mentioned, my core themes are wellness and faith. These are usually separate topics, but I frequently combine both into multifaceted features. However, if your brand involves only one or the other, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Social media platforms.

My most active platforms are Instagram and Pinterest, each of which have grown significantly since January 2018.

  • I post a photo or video every day on Instagram, my profile reaching over 1,000 unique users each week. This number continues to grow as I become more involved in both the wellness and faith communities.
  • My Pinterest, where I share both my own content and related ideas, sees over 13,000 unique monthly visitors. This number continues to grow by over 40%.

Quick stats.

  • Writer and contributor for Ezer Magazine.
  • Heartbeat ambassador, campaigning for companies like Le Tote and Better Skin Co.
  • Past writer for the Borgen Project, advocating for greater awareness of global poverty.
  • Contributor on Actually You Can, sharing personal background recovering from anorexia.
  • Starting from scratch January 2018, I have accumulated over 200 unique visitors every month.
  • Most of my readers are female millennials from the United States.

Interested in my work?

Here is a list of all the different opportunities available for me to feature your product and/or brand:

  • Advertising placed on my homepage or sidebar. (avg $40)
  • Featured posts solely dedicated to your product/brand with at least one in-post link. ($100)
  • Posts incorporating my unique topic that clearly mention your product/brand with an in-post link. ($75)
  • Giveaways hosted on my blog and/or Instagram account. (Must be in partnership for at least two months before negotiating)
  • Photo/video on Instagram featuring your brand/product. ($50)

Please know I am very open to negotiating on a partnership and the base prices above. All payments are required two weeks prior to the month of sponsorship.

To begin partnership with, please contact Allie at

Take care, and keep the faith.